In Psychic community, Sylvia Browne (October 19, 1936 – November 20, 2013) stood out as the gifted figure with the strong and sensitive sense of spirituality. Not only working as the genuine Psychic reader, Psychic Medium, book author, but Browne was also well-known for her public appearance and performance on television and radio.

Sylvia Browne_A Psychic Character In The Role Of Public Figure

Has anyone ever heard her radio show on Hay House Radio or watched her TV shows The Montel Williams Show? She appeared regularly on the public cases. Regardless of some false psychic predictions during her psychical life, Sylvia Browne is the preeminent character to talk about.

Sylvia Browne, The Self-Claimed Psychic At The Young Age

Being grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, a paranormal expert Sylvia Browne developed mostly as a Catholic. At the age of 5, she claimed that she was able to see spirits of the dead. Under her grandmother’s guidance, she gradually understood that she was gifted by God with the sixth sense.

Working as the Psychic medium, her grandma guided her to gain progress in the right path of spirituality. Throughout her lifetime, Browne made several paranormal claims that attracted people’s interest.

In her book The Other Side and Back, she said that she knew what Heaven looked like, for instance. Besides, she declared that she was able to see and communicate with the spiritual beings like Angels or Guardians.

Believe it or not, Browne was the character that has the huge influence and contribution to the expansion of Psychic world in the modern times.

Sylvia Browne, The Public Figure On Public Media
  • Psychic Readings
  • 1974 is a milestone in Browne’s life. It was when she started to give the in-person Psychic readings widely to every seeker who needed her clarification and empowerment. Around 2008, she asked for $850 for a 20-to-30-minute phone reading. Obviously, the high charge would lead to high demand of accuracy and trustworthiness accordingly.

  • Television And Radio
  • Worked as a constant guest on US television and radio shows, Browne usually discussed her paranormal abilities with the host, and then performed such the abilities on the screen. Guests or callers are welcomed to make a direct phone call to her in order to gain free mini reading for reference. Here are her TV Psychic shows:

  • Larry King Live
  • The Montel William Show
  • That’s Incredible!
  • Coast to Coast AM

Almost all paranormal issues were also mentioned right in her hour-long Internet radio on Hay House Radio. Despite the controversies and debates around her authenticity, Browne was the top-invited Psychic on US paranormal shows.

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