According to Horoscope report, one of the most erratic, interesting, but brilliant individuals are described as the Aquarians. Having dates of birth between January 20th and February 19th, Aquarius sign is ruled by the planet Saturn as well as symbolized by the Water Bearer, which is about a man pouring forth water from the jug, which represents the human community. The lesser known fact about this special Zodiac sign is that Aquarius is considered as an intellectual Air sign, not a Water sign. Furthermore, Aquarius personality traits are full of the exciting and incredible secrets. Aquarians are able to talk with us about different topics, hold any intellectual discussion, yet may become uncomfortable if we begin to mention their feelings.

Aquarius Horoscope and Its Outstanding Features

Aquarius characteristics are often dominated by the Air element. According to Astrology reading, Air often symbolizes motion, movement, and dynamism. One of the most significant Aquarius traits inherent in their personality is that they are naturally born as the good communicators. Intelligent thought may be really emphasized over their work, and their words may convey grace, force, and power.

Most people belonging to this sign may be edgy, enthusiastic, extremely idealistic, and at times, they may turn to be shy, introvert, and less talkative. Despite brimming with dozens of the fantastic ideas, they also have a strong desire to discover the materialistic and extrovert lives. Generally, they have a tendency to sit back and dive in their innermost lives in order to search for the balance between the internal and external.

Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarius Characteristics: Male

One of the most prominent characteristics of an Aquarius man is that he is depicted as an unpredictable and confident guy, but he likes to be silent in a group. Among a group of individuals, he tends to keep himself reserved and conceal his true feeling. Being funny and quick witted, Aquarius males prefer to be in the passionate, intimate and close relationships. In addition, they also love to spend their time with the friendly members who are fun loving and possess the flair for intellectual thinking.

In love, an Aquarius man expects his sweetheart to give him plenty of space. However, later, he will not wish her to be away for the long time. Often, he does not fall in love easily. To be known as an intelligent thinker, he will not hesitate to provide himself with sufficient time to know a lover. Aquarius man goes properly along with some Zodiac signs such as Gemini and Libra because they are most compatible with Aquarius sign. Importantly, though Aquarius male can not appear highly caring, he is surely very true and loyal to his partner.

Aquarius Characteristics: Female

Honest, sensible, and self-controlled – these are some ideal words to define an Aquarius woman. To be endowed with a charming smile, she is truly outgoing, friendly and loved by her buddies, lover, and relatives. Smiles and laughter may be an integral part of her life; thus, she can find it really difficult to remain sad all the time. Although she can not be one of the most perfect homemakers, she is certainly very popular in the social circle.

When it comes to love, she often has a great respect for honesty and loyalty in her romance. In fact, one of the primary features of those born under this Aquarius sign is that both the partners are apt to hold the high regards for trust and loyalty. As a result, it can explain why an Aquarius female seldom forgives others whenever she is hurt, even once. As her partner, we are advised to get a better understanding of her personality traits so that we can know the ways to win her heart.

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